Kitchen Design Visualizer Pricing for Contractors

We have very simple pricing plans for you to choose from to get this kitchen design visualizer installed on your website. Installing this kitchen design tool will set you above all other kitchen remodeling contractor websites. You will get lots of great feedback from your prospective clients when they contact you. This is a real eye catcher for your website!


Explanation of “Branded License” and “Non-branded License”

*Branded LicenseThis purchase will have our small banner at the top/left of the Kitchen Vision visualizer as seen on our site.

**Non-branded LicenseThis purchase will allow you to own the license and you can supply us (or we can make you one) a small banner for the top/left of your licensed copy. This banner will be for your company and we link to your home page

(Free Installation) – There is no credit if you install yourself or have your webmaster install it for you as this is a free service. If you would like us to install it for you, we will need FTP access or login privileges if it’s WordPress.

(Installation Fee) – If you are choosing the monthly subscription option, there is an installation fee of $97.00 and after you sign up we will send you an invoice for this that you can pay with PayPal prior to installation. We will also need FTP access or login privileges if it’s WordPress.

(Payments) – All payments are made to “SoCal Website Designs” using PayPal and we accept major credit cards, PayPal and ACH. PayPal is the most secure way of accepting payments as we never ask you for your CC information. Once a payment is made we will contact you via email within 24 hours during regular business hours.

(Questions) – If you should have any prior to purchase questions, feel free to Contact Us.